DNA75 Incoming

DNA75 Incoming

Let us take you on a journey into the not so distant future. A board, made by Evolv, designed solely for your vaping pleasure that fills the gap perfectly between the DNA40 and DNA200.

We don't know much at the moment other than this blog post by The Grumpy Vaper  and confirmation from Evolv that the rumour is true. At some point DNA75's will be here, we just don't know exactly when.

We know the following

It's 75w - You don't need to be inspector Clouseau for that one

It will feature temperature control - Our skills of deduction are second to none

Single cell operation - This is possible the most interesting feature. Many have been frustrated by DNA200's only functioning with a minimum of 2 cells and have been hoping for an update to the DNA200 which will allow this. For those that 40w isn't quite enough and that the 200 or 133w that a DNA200 provides is wasted on we can see DNA75's filling the gap quite nicely.

Escribe functionality would be nice but is unconfirmed.

Price wise, we're guessing that this board will retail somewhere around £39.99

So what we're looking at is an affordable 75w temperature control board from Evolv that runs on a single cell and that's just fine with us

We're added place holders to both Modparts and Stealthvape for those of you that would like notification the instant DNA75's are added. Please add your details to these notifiers as we're unable to let you all know individually.




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    Feb 17, 2020


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    Feb 23, 2020

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    Charles Cole
    Mar 4, 2020

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