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We take the security of your personal and banking data seriously. Our payment process ensures that your banking details are as safe as they can possibly be.

  • Ease of use
  • SSL encryption
  • Hosted iFrame integration
  • PCI compliance

Ease of use

Unlike many sites, you will not be forwarded to payment sites through pop-ups or other windows. Everything will happen here, safely and securely.

The payment process is carried out using an SSL certificate.

The certificate acts like a cryptographic key allowing a secure connection between the web server and your browser. This means that the order you make with us will be encrypted so your details can’t be misused.

Hosted iFrame PayPal and credit card payment system.

All of our payment gateways are secure and depending on the choice of payment method you will be either redirected to the payment processor or the information will be entered into an iFrame. Although it appears on our web page during checkout none of your payment information is placed onto our network, ensuring that we do not have access to your banking details.

Using an iFrame allows us to embed PayPal’s or any other payment gateways offsite secure payment page within our website providing you with a seamless and consistent online shopping experience. Although it feels as though you haven’t left our website, your transaction is being processed directly by the payment gateway – this is why it is essential we use SSL to encrypt your data.

This also means that you can be confident your information is kept secret from any employee packing your order or printing up despatch labels – or unscrupulous elements out there on the Internet.

This level of security guarantees you absolute peace of mind from your shopping experience. It also benefits from automatic fraud screening and card verification so that nobody can borrow your card at a vape event and order caseloads of Muji.

We are fully PCI compliant

Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards are the requirements for protecting your payment card information. Adopted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB, PCI compliance is required for any vendor that stores, transmits, or processes your payment card information.


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